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Modernise your security measures with an access control system

Intelligent systems from Waferlock, Paxton, Salto and other industry leaders. Discuss the smarter way to secure your property with Door Support North East.

Access control system

Access control integration and maintenance – we do it all

As a business owner, site manager or responsible person, protecting your staff, assets and important documentation is a huge challenge but one that the right security system can help you overcome. Implementing an access control system in addition to security doors or intercom can help keep your workplace safe, ensuring only those with authorisation can access the building and any confidential areas. With coded access, proximity fobs, biometrics, and other functionality possibilities, you can keep track of who has access to what and when.

Door Support North East are proud to supply and install systems from renowned manufacturers including Videx, Stanley, PAC, Paxton, Waferlock and many more, allowing us to offer an all-round solution to any small to large scale application. Based on your needs, standalone and full network criteria can be achieved, with a Newcastle-based expert guiding the process to ensure you’re set up to succeed.

Door entry intercoms

Intercom doors and gates enable those inside the property to communicate with those trying to get in. By creating a barrier between the internal and external areas, these systems allow you or your security teams to validate visitors before they’re granted access, without the need for physical or face-to-face contact. Many systems also have the option of adding proximity or coded access to the front door call panel, offering greater control.

By supplying equipment from big names included Videx, Bell Systems, CAME BPT and Comelit, we can guarantee an installation that exceeds your expectations and continues to deliver with our comprehensive service and maintenance solutions.

Tailor your system as required:

Modern Door Intercom
  • Audio only or video

  • Hardwired/ IP based: The system is cabled end-to-end and can utilise your IP ports to ensure your entrance areas are linked to every substation throughout the building

  • GSM (Global system for mobile): In some instances, intercoms can connect to a mobile phone when called. The individual managing access can then release the door, even if they aren’t in the area.

Waferlock shadow card system

Waferlock Shadow Card system

A standalone access control system, this is an ideal locking solution for small commercial buildings and office premises that require the convenience of an electronic locking system. To access the premises, a valid user simply presents their card or fob to the reader on the door handle, which will allow them to pass through. You’ll have the ability to manage a user’s cards/fobs without the need for a computer or software, with the scalability to upgrade to work on our PC based e-Link system if required in the future.

Waferlock E-link system

A flexible configuration for small to large systems, made up of online wall readers and offline door handlesets. A PC software is used to program user fobs and cards, change access rights, view audit trails and more. E-link is a powerful system, capable of supporting up to 64,000 doors / 64,000 users, making it suitable for a variety of sites and applications. It has been successfully installed within student accommodation, health centres, schools and offices, thanks to its performance and our  engineer’s expert support where that is required for servicing and maintenance.

Elink access control

Benefits of a standalone installation VS a connected system

  • A standalone system means you’ll have the ability to control each access point individually

  • Standalone systems are often more affordable, ideal for smaller sites with fewer doors

  • Connected systems offer simplified control management with real-time activity tracking

  • Both systems offer enhanced control

Access control keypads
Shutter door inside factory, night scene

Taking security to a whole new level.

Consider an access control system from Door Support North East and join the many clients across Newcastle upgrading their security. Call 0191 214 5655 today!


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